Superfoods Made Just For You With Love
  • SAVOR ME Superfood Supplement Month Supply


    You will receive four 2.5oz jars of our SAVOR ME Superfood Supplement. Stir and Enjoy :)

    • Organic Raw Honey
    • Organic Moringa
    • Organic Himalayan Rock Salt 
    • Organic Basil Leaf
    *Protects DNA
    *Anti-Bacterial Properties
    *Anti-Inflammatory Effects
    *Balance Cholesterol 
    *Improves Cardiovascular Health
    *Improves Immune System
    *Anti-Aging Properties
    *Antioxidant Rich
    *Contains All Essential Amino Acids 
    *Restores Cell pH

    I began using Savor Me to better the development of my cells. I live in a polluted area and with GMOs in our food I needed a method of getting well and staying well, healing my damaged cells and reproducing new healthier ones. Savor Me is the perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle. I'm a new vegetarian and I have fun finding new dishes to incorporate Savor Me into. From my veggie burger to my salad to my fruit there is no limit to the possibilities of Savor Me. - Sam Z. (Business Owner)

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.